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Eastern Pennsylvania's

Heritage Foodways Trail

Experience the cultural heritage of Eastern Pennsylvania through a self-guided tour of the regions culinary landscape.

A series of themed foodways trails picked out by locals for a truly authentic experience.

Food Events and Celebrations

You're invited! Learn about the history, stories, and traditional celebrations surrounding these unique dishes.

About Heritage Foodways

Foodways are the cultural practices and community rituals  that surround food. Festivals, spiritual rituals, and agricultural practices all have an impact on who we are.  Heritage foodways are the foods that have nourished these cultural practices for generations. Traditional foods connects us to our ancestry and shared identity as do the celebrations that accompany them. The Heritage Foodways Trail honors the significance of food that has nourished Eastern Pennsylvania physically and culturally for generations through it's celebration and education.

About the Trail

Eastern Pennsylvania's Heritage Foodways Trail winds through Carbon, Berks, and Schuylkill Counties guiding locals and visitors alike through the region's culinary landscape. Come discover the traditional culinary history of the region and the new influences that are contributing to eastern pennsylvania's unique culinary culture.

With over 45 sites to visit, participants can choose their own adventure or follow one of our themed trails for the local's recommendations.


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