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Trail Map

Themed Trails

Themed Trails

Choose from one of the themed trails below for a unique trail crafted by locals. Click on the individual markers to learn more about each site! Happy bite-seeing!

Lavender Farms​

Take a day trip visiting local lavender farms and discover the many different ways these farmers are using the flower. Some farms offer workshops that require a reservation. Follow the themed trail by clicking the purple button.

Pennsylvania Dutch

Very well known for their traditional dishes, Pennsylvania dutch country offers contemporary and traditional dining as well as local sites to buy farm raised ingredients. This trail is represented by the red sites.

Farmers Markets​

Buy fresh from local farmers and to get the ingredients needed for creating authentic dishes! Follow the farmers market trail where you can chat with the growers and enjoy the best of locally produced seasonal food.Click on the yellow sites to see the many, many farmers markets to visit and their hours.

Coal Miners​ - Coming Soon

What foods supplied miners with the energy to work so hard and build this community? Let the locals show you and share the stories surrounding the dishes. This trail is for those hungry for both a meal and history!

Holiday Trails

These trails are updated with the seasons. Experience holiday dishes and the cultural customs that go with them! This is a great trail for meeting the food producers, mingle with local people, and learn about the coal regions way of life.

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