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Welcome to the Folk Art Alliance at the Walk In Art Center's 2021 Traditional Arts and Heritage Festival!

Join us this year in-person or virtually to celebrate the traditional arts and cultural heritage of Schuylkill, Berks, and Lancaster Counties!


About The Festival

The online Traditional Arts and Heritage Festival hosted by the Folk Art Alliance at the Walk In Art Center to brings our live festival event to those who can't make it in person. Folk artists and tradition bearers have come together to create the festival experience virtually. 

This years festival features demonstrations and performances by local artists. Check out the day's schedule for times then check out the "stage" for a live stream!

Browse the vendors, bake a traditional recipe, join in on a artists demonstration, check out the exhibit and get to know the community throughout the day! Get acquainted with the unique region and it's community. Follow the itinerary or scroll through at your leisure. While you're at it, explore some of our new programs!


Demonstrations and Live Music Streaming Stage

12pm- 4pm

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Wild Elder

Wine and Cider Co.

Specializes in Elderberry Wine and Traditional American Hard Cider made from local and wild harvested fruit.

Carbon County


Wilz Pottery

Pennsylvania Redware - Ornaments, Plates and Bowls

Georgine Borchick

Pysanky Egg and Ukrainian Paint with Thread Artist


The Roughwood Seed Collection

Begun in 1932, the Roughwood Seed Collection is devoted to the preservation of culturally significant heirloom food plants.

Chester County

WayHar Farms

Third generation family-owned country store with a 50 year old tradition of producing farm fresh milk and homemade ice cream in the Berks Schuylkill areas.

Berks County


The Nesting Box Market and Creamery

Experience the best, most locally produced foods that Berks County Farmers have to offer; direct from our farms to your table!


Berks County


The Hex Factory

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

Berks County

Lorraine Handmade

Specializes in fiber arts, specifically weaving, basketry, felting and knitting.

Kim Fritzges

Russian Influenced Neo-Byzantine Iconography


Hope Hill Lavender FarmLLC

Enjoy the views of our lavender farm and picturesque surroundings while shopping in our farm store for products made to smell wonderful naturally and lavender culinary items, too.


Schuylkill County


DFS Designs

Metal Work with Serious Innovation

Carbon County

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Christmas Ornaments
Family Scavenger Hunt!

As you explore the festival, take on the role of a folklorist with this traditional arts scavenger hunt! Just like a folklorist you will seek out and learn about the cultural heritage of your community!


See if you can find correct answers to the questions to the right and complete the activities! Good luck with your search and be sure to message us about your completed form to be featured on our social media pages!


New Panel Display at the Folk Art Exhibit at the Walk In Art Center

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Explore The Region

The Land:

NorthEastern Pennsylvania's contemporary culture has been formed by it's original inhabitants and the waves of diverse immigrant populations that migrated here in the 1700's for opportunities to work in the coal mines. The diverse cultures together created shared American culture, unique to eastern Pennsylvania. Visit the Schuylkill County Historical Society to learn more and enjoy the slide show with historic pictures below!


The History:

Living Traditions: 

Patrick Donmoyer, Director of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Center, shares the legacy of Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Stars in a documentary by Wunderbar.


Images from the Field


Choose any of these coal regions signature dishes provided by "A Coalcracker in the Kitchen"  for an authentic taste of Eastern Pennsylvania you can make in your own kitchen. Enjoy while watching the live entertainment or the community "get together"!

Grocery list's are included with the recipe and stories about the history of each dish in the region! Be sure to check out the "A Coalcracker in the Kitchen"'s blog for an extensive collection of coal region dishes!

The Coalcracker in the Kitchen could use support after a personal tragedy. If you enjoy these recipes please consider supporting her at the link below.

Hex Cat of Tumbling Run Legends and Lore Marker

About the Hex Cat of Tumbling Run

The Folk Art Alliance at the Walk In Art Center is very happy to announce we have been awarded a grant from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation to celebrate local legend "The Hex Cat of Tumbling Run Valley."  The legend will be commemorated with a marker installed at Tumbling Run this Fall.  The legend comes from a 1902 reported sighting of a 4-foot-long Hex Cat that terrorized a local family. Learn more and read original newspaper reports at the link below!


Thank you for attending our Festival!
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